Details Interior Fashions - owned by Karen Matthews, since 2004.

The expertise of Karen Matthews began to form in Karen’s late twenties. She started her life in design as a commissioned salesperson, in a store based on the framework of Ikea. Having her start in consumer sales, she moved to visual display and eventually became a buyer for a national department store, later transitioning to wholesale representation of over a dozen companies with a territory covering most of the province of Ontario. For many years, Karen enjoyed the pleasure of attending international furniture fairs, both domestically and in Europe.

Details Interior Fashions

Barn Drape Design, Squam Lake - Karen Matthews of Details Interior Fashions

She moved to New Hampshire from Toronto in the late 1980’s, and had the chance to hone her sewing skills at a small shop in Franconia. Later, as production manager, she was able to work with an incredibly talented group of people, both in the shop and with “home workers” within the surrounding area, producing beautiful, locally-made garments.

Sadly, the shop closed, but this gave Karen a chance to support her husband’s handcrafted products. His small business created beautifully hand-decorated accessories for the home, which they sold at various tradeshows in the Northeast, garnering sales in several national catalogue companies. As this company grew, though, so did the stress and repetition. Karen was one of the first women to participate in the “GROW” program at WREN, and with the knowledge she gained and the support she found in the group, Karen and her husband, Scott, decided to close the company.

Details Interior Fashions

Room Design by Karen Matthews of Details Interior Fashions

Through WREN (, Karen found a woman who had space to share. Patty had her own business, but was not physically independent. Karen had the great privilege of sharing a space and supporting Patty while growing her own business. In 2000, Karen began tailoring, and was presented with a challenge by Steve Ray, then owner of the Deacon’s Bench. Could she transform old draperies into some cornice boards? Details Window Fashions began and in 2004, Karen was officially a window treatment retailer.

Karen Matthews

The main drive behind Details Interior Fashions is the ability for them to fulfill the requests and challenges and inquiries posed by their clients. It’s the challenge to find that level of perfection that fills the void with the services and products their clients need. In their 16th year, they now proudly offer home furnishings, design guidance, window treatments, lighting, area rugs, upholstery services, with an on-site library of beautiful fabrics.

Their core business has been their expertise in the window treatment industry. Details Interior Fashions has completed many residences, both primary and secondary homes. They’re sensitive to the overall intended use of the client’s space, and only recommend products that will enhance a room and withstand the rigors of all conditions - residential, business, rental, and so on. They work hard to satisfy the needs and budgets of their clients - from one small roller shade for a camp, all the way to 10’ x 25’ automated shades for a university.

Karen Matthews

Karen Matthews, measuring for a new sofa slipcover.

Sometimes the right detail is simply a beautiful fabric, combined with the right design to enhance and warm a room, and sometimes it’s just a matter of function, with the challenge of a very specific requirement attached to it. Whatever the challenge, Details Interior Fashions promises to provide their clients with the best solution at the best price, with the highest level of quality, supported by our guarantee of satisfaction.