Why Automated Shades Are So Cool

Have you heard about automated shades? It’s one of those innovations that you might not realize how useful it is until you have it in your life. Here at Details Interior Fashions, window treatments are one of our passions and automated shades and blinds are part of that. We offer automated shades from companies like Hunter Douglas and Lutron. Why would someone want automated shades, you ask? Here are a few reasons.

They can be controlled from your phone or a timer.

Having your shades automatically work with the time of day takes a piece of work off of your plate. You can program it to automatically shade out the sun in the heat of summer, while letting in the beauty of the sunset as you unwind at the end of the day. Sync it with your alarm so the sun is part of your waking routine. You can even make sure the shades are opening and closing at the right times while you are away to make it look like you’re home. You have easy control over what they are doing whether you are around or not.


Automated shades are perfect for high windows.

Do you have windows that are either hard or impossible to reach? You want to let the light in on your own terms, but getting to those blinds are quite the ordeal. That’s where the automated shades come in. Don’t let that high window compromise your privacy. With a simple button click, you are in control.

No cords make a safer situation in your kid’s rooms.

Do the hanging cords that come with shades make you nervous when it comes to your kids’ bedrooms? They are apt to play with whatever they can find, and those cords can be a danger for them as well as an easy way for the kids to damage the blinds. Automation takes that possibility of danger out of the equation.

Compatibility with Amazon Echo.

Are you fond of voice command technology like Amazon Echo? These automated shades are compatible with Amazon Echo. You can walk into the room, ask Alexa to open the shades, and let the wonders of technology do the rest. The amount of convenience is amazing.



Interested in hearing more? Come in to Details and talk to us. We can discuss options, plans, and installation. Don’t wait too long, though. Hunter Douglas is offering a $150 rebate for their automated shades until August 15th. That doesn’t leave much more time to take advantage of the sale, so stop in soon.